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Title:'s 2017 Truck of the Year Voting Poll
Post by: classic69 on January 02, 2018, 12:07:19 PM
With the announcement of this year's final Truck of the Month (ToTM) winner it is now time for the all important Truck of the Year (ToTY) competition and all of this year's ToTM winners will be put up against each other to see who will be crowned's 2017 Truck of the Year, so we are requesting that all members of please step forward and do their duty to place their vote, your participation is greatly appreciated!

The ToTM program is a FREE contest and anyone registered to the site that qualifies can enter, which means everyone has a chance to be Truck of the Year.  All you have to do is win one of the the 12 ToTM contests that happen throughout the year.  There are only a few rules to follow when submitting your entry, please review the rules HERE ( to see if you are eligible to enter.

So please, take some time and review each ToTM winner's entry and decide which member/truck should represent and be crowned's 2017 Truck of the Year!

2017 ToTY Contest Entries: (Click on the following names to see their submissions)

January 2017 ToTM Winner, Dirty Dave (
February 2017 ToTM Winner, Destri (
March 2017 ToTM Winner, HEYElliott (
April 2017 ToTM Winner,  ac_650 (
May 2017 ToTM Winner, maxtoon (
June 2017 ToTM Winner, AJ1794 (
July 2017 ToTM Winner, parts_guy (
August 2017 ToTM Winner, classic69 (

Please vote for your favorite truck/member, according to these factors:

Picture Quality
Mod Quality
Mod Quantity (from time of purchase)
Activeness/Participation in the forums

Voting closes on February 2nd, 2018 and the 2017 Truck of the Year will be announced shortly after that date.  To get your chance at next year's Truck of the Year, make sure to enter your truck into one of 2018's Truck of the Month Contests, just click HERE ( to submit your truck on one the this years Truck of the Month Contests.

Announcement: to all contestants, this is it! Please feel free to post up as many pictures/modifications of your truck as you wish. I'm sure some of you have updates since you last won Truck of the Month.....GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!