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Winter 2018 Newsletter



First off, the Staff hopes that everyone had a Merry Christmas, as well as, a safe and Happy Holidays! ..hopefully everyone’'s wish lists involved some new upgrades and modification for their trucks! The winter driving season has officially begun, which means the snow has arrived or is starting to, so make sure that you adjust your driving habits to suit the road conditions. Remember whether you think you are a great driver or even a professional race car driver, there are other people on the road that can be the real danger. Also make sure if you'’re out partying, that you drink responsibly and always have a designated driver because we would like to see all our members (and their trucks) make it through this winter season.

So with 2018 just beginning, we have a lot in store for our members, including's 10th Annual Western Canada Super Meet in British Columbia at the Paul Lake Provincial Park group campsite, as well as, some more ideas for another fundraising contest, also voting on 2017's Truck of the Year, which is the most prestigious award our forum can hand out. So the Staff would like to take this opportunity to once again thank our members, because without you guys and gals this would have not been possible.

It's important to keep the club growing, so let's get out there and collect new members! Whether it's a local Colorado/Canyon that you see driving around or a fellow owner on another site, invite them to the club. Just so you know, we are not done introducing new features to the site yet. We are currently working on some new features, so stay tuned to see what we have up our sleeve for you guys and gals. If you have an idea or suggestion for the site, please feel free to contact one of the staff, because this is your site/club too and you are the largest part of it!

Welcoming New Members: would like to welcome all of the new members that joined our site in the past few months. The community currently is continuing to grow. We encourage new members to introduce themselves to the site in the "New to the Forum.." section where you will find an introduction post already created for you. Be sure to tell us a little bit about yourself and your truck and how you found the site. We're all photo junkies, so if you have some pictures of your truck, post them too. I can assure you that you'll get an overwhelming response from your fellow enthusiasts and lots of welcomes.

If you have any questions you can refer to the Official New Member Handbook. Also make sure to review the Site Guidelines and Regulations.

Please join us in welcoming all our new members to the site...

September's New Members: (3)

    October's New Members: (3)

    November's New Members: (2)

    December's New Members: (0)

    January's New Members: (2)

ajay Awards:
The Award System is a method for member recognition. These awards are given to members that have gone above and beyond on the site in some form or another.  There is a wide variety of awards that can be given to our members. Some are awarded for their success, some for their contributions and commitment to the community, some for attending and participating in Super meets and even some for their unfortunate successes. Please click HERE to see the list of awards, and feel free to let us know if you think yourself or another member qualifies for an award .

Note: We are always looking for new awards to create and add to the list of Awards, so if you have award ideas, please contact one of the Canada355.casStaff members. It's you

Read More's 2017 Truck of the Year Voting Poll

With the announcement of this year's final Truck of the Month (ToTM) winner it is now time for the all important Truck of the Year (ToTY) competition and all of this year's ToTM winners will be put up against each other to see who will be crowned's 2017 Truck of the Year, so we are requesting that all members of please step forward and do their duty to place their vote, your participation is greatly appreciated!

The ToTM program is a FREE contest and anyone registered to the site that qualifies can enter, which means everyone has a chance to be Truck of the Year.  All you have to do is win one of the the 12 ToTM contests that happen throughout the year.  There are only a few rules to follow when submitting your entry, please review the rules HERE to see if you are eligible to enter.

So please, take some time and review each ToTM winner's entry and decide which member/truck should represent and be crowned's 2017 Truck of the Year!

2017 ToTY Contest Entries: (Click on the following names to see their submissions)

January 2017 ToTM Winner, Dirty Dave
February 2017 ToTM Winner, Destri
March 2017 ToTM Winner, HEYElliott
April 2017 ToTM Winner,  ac_650
May 2017 ToTM Winner, maxtoon
June 2017 ToTM Winner, AJ1794
July 2017 ToTM Winner, parts_guy
August 2017 ToTM Winner, classic69

Please vote for your favorite truck/member, according to these factors:

Picture Quality
Mod Quality
Mod Quantity (from time of purchase)
Activeness/Participation in the forums

Voting closes on February 2nd, 2018 and the 2017 Truck of the Year will be announced shortly after that date.  To get your chance at next year's Truck of the Year, make sure to enter your truck into one of 2018's Truck of the Month Contests, just click HERE to submit your truck on one the this years Truck of the Month Contests.

Announcement: to all contestants, this is it! Please feel free to post up as many pictures/modifications of your truck as you wish. I'm sure some of you have updates since you last won Truck of the Month.....GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!

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Contributing Exclusive Membership Program

Available Membership Programs...

Looking to upgrade your member status and show your support to  Well the Contributing Exclusive Membership is the best way to do so.  Obviously becoming a paid member is not mandatory and you can always continue as a regular member, but there are advantages to purchasing a membership.  This membership is a lifetime membership and we offer four different payment methods. recognizes that when you purchase a Contributing Exclusive Membership that you are supporting, and we make it our goal to ensure that all Contributing Exclusive Members receive the following benefits;

- Official Contributing Exclusive Member Status
- Official Contributing Exclusive Member Badge
- 30 Invite Cards
- %50 Discount on Addition 20 Pack of Card.  (Available Anytime in Store)
- Custom Signature Club Banner with a Annual Updated Option Available
- Instant Access to ToTM
- Discounts on Merchandise Pre-Order
- Access to Custom Merchandise Pre-Orders
- Discounts on Site Sponsoring Vendor Merchandise
- (1) Full Color Decal (Click HERE for Preview)
- Access to Contributing Exclusive Member Section
- Access to Contributing Exlusive Member Only Raffle Contests (Free Contest with Option to purchase additional raffle tickets)
- Access to Decision Making Process, Group Discussions *

* recognizes that our Contributing Exclusive Members are supporting  Because of this we think it is important to make sure that these members are involved in the site discussion making process.  The staff are here to make sure that the site is clean and organized and running the way it should be, but the site was build for it's members and site discussions should be made with it's members.  So have chosen to involve it's Contributing Exclusive Members in future site discussing making, after all was made by Canadian for Canadians.

Payment Options:

Because we only have the one membership we have decided to offer four different payment plans, to hopefully accommodate everyone. Below is the breakdown of the available payment plans;
1 Payment
2 Payments
$40.00 Annually
12 Payments
$7.00 Monthly
24 Payments
$4.00 Monthly

Either click one of the link above or click HERE to visit the Store to choose which payment plan is best for you.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be apart of and show your support. Purchase your Contributing Exclusive Membership Today!

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