Canada355 - Made by Canadians, for Canadians! 2018 Calendar - PREVIEW

It's finally here! The 2018 member calendar. First off, thank you to all the members for your submissions and congratulations to all the members who have their trucks featured in this years calendar. The photos were selected by contributing members based on these guidelines:

1. Image Quality/ Resolution - The image needed to be high resolution (being full page this year, resolution was a must for quality printing).
2. Image Layout - That the truck was in an interesting position.
3. Image Background - That the picture included an interesting background.

If you are unfortunate enough that you didn't make this years 2018 member calendar, make sure to go out and take some photos following the guidelines above to be able to make the cut next year!

Didn't have a chance to submit your photos? Keep an eye out for the submission thread around August next year!

*NOTE* .. some license plates are not blurred out in the preview pictures and it has been fixed.














You may click HERE to place your order for the 11" x 14" full page 2018 calendar!  :thumbsup:

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I am starting to accept pre-orders for the 2018 calendars, just so that I have an idea of how many to order from the printing company.  I would like to place the order in the next couple of weeks, since it will take approximately 5-7 business days to receive them from the printing company.  Also, I will be shipping these out via Canada Post and trying my best to beat the holiday rush.  I would like to congratulate everyone featured, as well as, thank everyone for their contributions in making this years calendar a success! None of this would have been possible without you, all of our members!

These will NOT be sold through the online store.  I ask that you PM me your order, please make sure to include your full name, complete shipping address, also indicate method of payment.  I accept Paypal & email transfer, please send your payment to <> but the purchaser is responsible for all fees related to method of payment.  So if you choose to Paypal me, please send it as a gift. As for any local members, I accept cash if you want to pickup your calendar(s) from me.

You may click HERE for a complete preview of this year's full page 2018 member calendar!

$12 for each 11" x 14" full page 2018 member calendar
$10 shipping via Canada Post + $4 for the large bubble wrap envelope
These prices are in Canadian Dollars - just so you know Fhmrado07!

NOTE: The 2018 member calendars will be packaged in a large sealed bubble wrap envelope (best way to ship them, so they don't get damaged) and I got the lowest shipping rate possible via Canada Post with delivery in a couple of days across Canada.

Member Name
Dirty Dave

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Payment Options:

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